PLASMA 6 Concept: Diana Wehmeier Design: David Benski 3D Visuals: Lara Gessner for PLASMA magazine


PLASMA6 includes a huge centerfold poster of SPACE PLANTS.
These plants stand out from the crowd with their ability to adjust more easily to their harsh environment. SPACE PLANTS are grown on space stations, in so called space gardens. 


PLASMA 6 turns its gaze towards the pale blue dot. This issue’s Earth-centric focus is highlighted by articles featuring everything from environmental issues to artistic perspectives, and ultimately sheds a new light on the meaning of our space endeavors. To understand the motivations better, we talked to the engineers behind the latest SpaceX Dragon missions and inspiring women in STEM.


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PLASMA magazine

PLASMA magazine is an international publication showcasing contributions from the art and science worlds since 2015. We focus on the intersection of the these worlds and how they interact and shape our perspective on the Universe. PLASMA shows the people behind the science. Presenting philosophical and artistic perspectives to respond the complex questions of space exploration, our future on Earth, and the larger purpose of humanity. Our mission is to provide a wider lens to better understand the science that connects our world, to inspire future generations, aiming to preserve Earth and understand the Solar System.


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PLASMA_5_repro_page 164 _ Moon village
PLASMA_5_repro_page 164 _ Moon village

PLASMA 5 – 224 pages jam-packed with interviews, stories, behind the scene sneak peaks, photo series, posters, nerd guides, and all things science & art! Scientists from different fields, from Berlin to LA, all talking about their personal motivations and passions. A Berlin special introduces us to the diverse research areas this city is host to. Everything from the exploration of Mars to the creation of humanoid robots. From there we jump across the Atlantic to explore all the latest nerd hot spots in NYC, learn about the latest advancements in space exploration from NASA, and so much more!

PLASMA_5_repro_page 68_JWST
PLASMA_5_repro_page 68_JWST

PLASMA4_COVER_Diana Wehmeier_DavidBenski_2018

PLASMA3_002_Diana Wehmeier 2017_repro Nora Heinisch Cover ATLANTIS Katinka Schuett_Kay Bachmann