DIANA WEHMEIER ussplasma8105 installation 2015


winner of the art & science prize 2016 (DZWK / Leibniz Association)

Europa IMM2028. Icy Moon Mission
installation / 2,20m x 3,30m x 4,36m / mixed media

Europa, one of Jupiter‘s four major moons, is a celestial body in the solar system with a high potential for extraterrestrial life. Under a 10 km thick icecap, scientists suspected a 100 kilometer-deep ocean, this was concluded by measurements of the external gravitational field of the NASA probe, Galileo, in 1996. In 2033, the private space company STE (SPACE TIME EXPLORATION) succeeded in collecting measurements and records of the Mission EUROPA – IMM2028, which returned to Earth. These results are presented in the exhibition „The best of all possible worlds“ in the Dresden Technical Collections in the form of photographs, objects, a publication and a documetary.

video collage
part of the mixed media installation
EUROPA IMM2028. Icy Moon Mission


mixed media installation
4m x 4m x 2,8m

supported by DLR (German Aerospace Center)




launch of SCOTTY2316 (documentation)
video collage DIANA WEHMEIER
part of the installation SCOTTY2316

U.S.S. PLASMA 8105
mixed media installation
4m x 6m x 7m

The space ship U.S.S. PLASMA 8105 is a room installation, which moves the viewer through a science fictional alternate universe. Cinematic memories, motifs and nostalgia are brought into question, using cinematic moments that we have all been conscious of since the beginning of cinema. Content and design oriented from these 4 movies: Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek (2009), Interstellar and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Additionally there is a booklet, the PLASMA Magazine, with productions à la Rodney Graham, deploying some of the irony of the 80s retro style.


U.S.S. PLASMA 8105 returns again

part of U.S.S. PLASMA 8105
4D animation & production DIANA WEHMEIER
song “art” MONIKCA

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